Iceland Packing List

I think we have everything we need for Iceland. This morning after a long debate, a phone call to Revzilla (they are awesome by the way!), and wearing motorcycle boots around the house all morning, I settled on Sidi boots as my final purchase.

Since this is our 6th big trip, I am optimistic that we will over-pack less than we have in the past. Each time we take less, but every trip we come home with multiple things we never used. This time we’ll do better (I hope!)

Below is our current packing list. A few items have website links.

GeneralBack up battery power charger
Base makeup
Brush, pick
Bug spray
Camel backs w/ carbon filters? or just Vapur bottle?
Cable ties (bendable)
Camera tripod – small flexible
Cash (limited)
Charging cables – Laptop, phone
Charging station
Compression bags?
Dry bag?
Dry bag for cell phone
Emergency blanket / packable/travel
Hand warmers – single use
Insurance / registration papers
knee brace
Knife / multitool
Laundry detergent – powder
Lip balm
Maps, laminated travel book pages
Moisturizer / lotion
Mosquito head net?
Power converter / plug
Shampoo / conditioner / soap (try bars)
Sunglasses (Maui Jim)
Toothbrush / paste
Travel backpack
Vera Bradley travel purse
Virb, chargers, SD cards, mount
Waterproof Camera & charger (Olympus Tough)
Zip lock bags
Clothing1 t-shirt
1 Convertible hiking pant? (Columbia)
2 leggings
3 long sleeve shirts
4 wool socks
5 underwear
Base layer top
Flip flops
Gloves (new waterproof hiking)
Hiking boots (high top Keens)
Kuhl pants
PJs or shorts/tshirt for sleeping
Puffer jacket (NorthFace)
Rain coat (Marmot)
Rain pants
Stocking cap
Swim suit
Motorcycle GearAdapter for heated gear?
Boots (Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex)
Ear plugs
GPS w/ map, cords
Heated jacket liner (First Gear)
Heavy waterproof gloves (Dainese)
Helmet (Arai)
Pacsafe locks
Pacsafe net
Race gloves
Rain pants
Riding jacket (Olympia)
Riding Pants (Buell)
Sena & chargers
Waterproof socks

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