Enjoy The Ride

Last Thursday I received a message from Delta that our flight to Iceland was cancelled. We knew it was unlikely we would be allowed to go, but we hung on until the last minute, hoping it would work out. It’s so disappointing.

Everyone was super gracious & refunded our money for our houses, excursions, rentals etc. The only challenge I am still battling is Delta who really wants to give me a credit instead of a refund.

Plan B. We didn’t have a plan B, so the last week has been a mad scramble to get our bikes ready for a 5,000 mile trek that will take us to new state parks, knock out a few more Scenic Drives from our Reader’s Digest book of Most Scenic Drives in America, and to visit friends & family that we haven’t seen in a long time. AND – we’ll join up with our best travel friends Rob & Staci!

It’s not Iceland, but it will be beautiful, fun, and still an amazing adventure! We love our Buells, but my Uly has been problematic since the summer it spent at the dealership, so it won’t be making the journey- again. It makes my heart a little sad, especially since most of the problems have been from the ‘work’ that was done on it at the dealership. It makes my blood boil thinking about that whole horrific experience….

This will be my first long trip on the BMW. You will recognize the bike from our Alaska pictures. Daddy rode it on that adventure! This week, she & I are going to head out for our first long ride together. It’s a great bike & I’ve put about 8,000 miles on it ‘locally’. She has been to Arkansas a few times & has made a lot of trips up & down the Stone Fence Scenic Byway in Kansas.

The world is a bit of a mess right now, but today my heart is thankful. We have good health, an amazing family, good friends & once again I get to see the world from two wheels alongside the one I love. I’m going to enjoy the ride!

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