Arcata to Guerneville, CA

It was a beautiful day to ride the California coast!  This morning we got up early & took the Uly over to the Harley dealership in Eureka.  They were extremely nice & quick to put on our new tire for us!  While Shawn waited for the bike, I got a 20 minute head start back to the hotel to finish some laundry.

We didn’t have a ton of miles to travel today, so it was a good day to get caught up on a few things!

The ride into Guerneville was really pretty.  After spending the day on Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 along the coast, we turned inland past fields of grapes.  I would love to come back & check out all the wineries!  I’ll have to sort through my virb pics for some good shots from today.  I didn’t take any pics from my regular camera today for some reason.

We stayed at the Cottages in town.  They were cute, clean & the manager was friendly.  They set up a fire pit with s’mores in the evening for all the guests.  The only thing that wasn’t ideal was the lack of AC in the room.  The temp was very comfortable, but the noise from the road woke me up early.  Luckily I still had my ear plugs from the hotel in Astoria.  They gave them out free in case the sea lions were too loud, but we couldn’t  hear them in our room.

When we got into town we ate at the local Mexican restaurant.  It was yummy!  Then we headed over to Stumptown’s brewery for a couple of local brews.  We met Tellus, one of the local dogs that likes to hang out at the bar with his owner.  Very well behaved pup!

Tomorrow we ride into San Francisco.  The plan is to see Alcatraz and visit a few other famous spots in the city.  Should be a fun day!   The weather is finally cooperating & we are riding a more reasonable number of miles each day.


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