Guerneville to San Francisco

Today we woke up to another sunny, beautiful day for riding!  We had breakfast at the local diner before heading to the city.  At breakfast when I was researching where to go to board the boat for Alcatraz, I realized that reservations have to be made in advance.  I am so bummed!  That never crossed my mind!  I am so sad!

The ride to San Francisco wasn’t very long, but we passed so many wineries on the way out of Guerneville.  I would love to come back & spend some time here!  It is so beautiful!  We left wine country without any wine.  We’ll have to return!

We came up with plan B for today, which ended up being really fun!  We arrived first at the Golden Gate bridge.  We rode up to the scenic viewpoint for some great pictures.  From there we visited Twin Peaks.  What a great city view!  The wind was crazy up there though!!

Following our scenic overlooks, we headed to the wharf.  Parking was a bit tricky.  It is such a busy area.  Tourists from everywhere!!  Fortunately we did find a great parking spot right across from our lunch spot.  It was in a paid parking area & the small space on the end was reserved for motorcycles only.  Perfect!  We used our cable locks & secured our riding gear & helmets to the bikes & headed out to sightsee!  We had lunch at In N Out and then a Segway tour for 4pm.  It was so fun!  We were able to see the wharf,China town, Little Italy and some of the local attractions.  Our guide Dan was super friendly & knew a lot about the city.  We enjoyed chatting with a family from Austin that was also on our tour.  They were celebrating their son’s 14th birthday on this trip.

We booked the Segway tour with Electric Tour Company.  It might be fun to go back & do one of the advanced tours of the curvy streets.  We spent about 2 hours buzzing around the city.  Definitely recommend it!

After our tour, we had a delish seafood dinner on the wharf before heading out around 8pm.  I am glad we stayed late, I am not a fan of the traffic when we are on bikes.  The traffic was relatively light all things considered, it was only backed up in a few places due to accidents on the bridge.  Cars came into my lane a couple of times.  It was not my favorite place to ride.  I was happy to get out to Sacramento where it was much quieter for the night!

This was our last easy riding day.  We still have a couple more national park stops & a lot of miles to go, but the days ahead will involve a lot more miles.





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