Crater Lake

What a spectacular day!  Well, I nearly froze to death a couple of times, and for the first time ever on a bike I had slush building up on my visor, so it wasn’t an easy ride, but it was super gorgeous!!

We headed out of Roseburg towards Crater Lake this morning.  The ride up was really pretty.  Once we were within 25 miles of the lake, it started snowing.  By the time we got to the top, huge flakes were falling from the sky.  From the main entrance, we headed around to the West side of the lake.  We stopped at several viewpoints to take pictures.  We weren’t able to go very far due to the huge amounts of snowfall.  Once it started collecting on the road it was time to head back down.  We had a nice break in the snow for some pictures.  The pictures are so pretty they almost don’t look real!

The lake is an amazing site.  It is the deepest lake in the US at 1,949 ft. deep.  Pretty impressive!  It is beautiful blue, in an absolutely beautiful setting.  In spite of the cold, we took off our helmets & posted for some pics with the bikes.  I loved it!!!

From Crater Lake we headed out to Klamath Falls where we rode around the lake.  We picked up a new tire in town.  However, the unfriendly shop wasn’t able to put it on.  Out in the parking lot, 2 separate people offered to let us use their garages if we needed a place to work.  It was really nice!  One guy said that this shop has really poor customer service so most people in town won’t shop there.  We thanked everyone, but decided to strap on our new tire & put a few more miles on the old one.  If all goes well we’ll get it put on Tuesday in Eureka, CA.  At least we have the tire, so if we had to, Shawn could mount it himself.

From there we headed to Medford, OR for the night.  Tomorrow we will ride back up to see the Sea Lions that we missed a couple of days ago.  We’ll also ride Hwy 138 again since we arrived in Roseburg after dark.  The curvy road must be a beautiful ride, but we missed the last 2 hours once it got dark.  After the ride & the Sea Lions, we’ll head south on Hwy 101 and stay the night in Coos Bay.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with the Virb, but I need to go through them.  I set the camera to take pics every 5 seconds, so I have thousands of them to sort through at some point.


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