Astoria to Roseburg

Astoria was a great little town by the water.  We spent the morning at the Maritime Museum, which was really cool!  We had fish & chips at a very cool food “truck” that was actually a boat called Bowpicker.  The halibut was delish!!

From Astoria we headed South down Hwy 101 until Gardiner where we headed inland to stay the night in Roseburg.  We are departing from the coast so we can see Crater Lake tomorrow.

Today was another great day of riding.  The sun was out most of the day, we didn’t hit any rain & we enjoyed riding the coast.  We took a scenic detour out to the Three Capes Loop where we saw lighthouses, beautiful ocean views & gorgeous beaches.

Today was a relatively easy ride day.  We didn’t pack on a ton of miles, but we loved the scenery!

Shawn’s front tire is not going to make the trip home, it is disappearing fast so we are going to have to find a solution in the next few days.  While the Pilot Road 4’s are awesome, we got over 16,000 miles out of the back tires, the front tire doesn’t last for 2 back tires.


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