Olympic National Park

When we arrived at the hotel last night we noticed some oil on the right side of Shawn’s bike.  Turns out it was a bit of transmission fluid.  We spent a couple of hours this morning doing a little bike maintenance before heading out.  It wasn’t anything serious, it just took a bit longer because my mechanic overfilled the transmission…  🙂  While we were hanging out in the parking lot of the hotel, we enjoyed the sites of the bay.  The tide was out when we woke up and the birds were collecting clams & dropping them on the parking lot to break them open.  It was very entertaining!  The tide was rolling back in as we rolled out for the National Park.

Today was amazing!  We rode from Bremerton, WA around Olympic National Park to Hwy 101.  We followed the highway down to Astoria for the night.  What a beautiful town on the river!!

Olympic National Park was really beautiful.  Our first stop was Hurricane Ridge Road.  Thankfully we didn’t experience any 100 mph winds.  We hit some sprinkles at the entrance, but the rest of the ride up was dry & beautiful!  We wandered up the 17 mile road to the top.  I’ve been stopping at the visitor centers to get my National Park stamps in my passport.  It’s fun to fill it up & see the places we have been!

The drive past Crescent Lake was very beautiful too.  The road curved south towards Forks where Twilight was filmed.  It is a tiny little town  with a few references to the movie on local business signs.

Our next turn lead us into the Hoh Rain Forest.  It was amazing!  I loved the winding road through the huge moss covered trees.  I hadn’t anticipated the new potential driving hazard, which is moss covered roads.  We made it up to the visitor center & took a short walk into the forest.  We took pictures with some massive trees & beautiful streams.  Oddly enough, it did not rain on us in the rainforest!  Thank goodness!  I am feeling soggy from the previous days!  We had sunshine in the rainforest!

Late in the day we made it to the Oregon coast.  What a beautiful view of the ocean & a great way to end the day!


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