Planning for Iceland

We’ve been talking about Iceland for months & we have finally taken the first step in actually getting there in June! Initially we thought we would take our own bikes, but after a bit of research, it seems like a better plan to rent. Yesterday, the rental company confirmed that the bikes we want to ride are available! The next step is to book our flights, that should happen on Friday – then we’ll be well on our way to our next big adventure!

Today I did the same thing I have done with countless other vacations. Hop on Amazon & shop! I ordered a map & several books. I also went to order a luggage security net & Amazon says that I have already purchased one….I wonder what I did with it? Ugghhh. The search is on.

There is a ton of information online & I’ve already started a spread sheet of places we want to see & things we want to do. However, there just isn’t any substitute for an old school printed book where I can make notes & highlight. I also bought waterproof socks. I am pretty durable, but I do not like to be wet, my feet freeze. Thankfully in Ecuador Rob loaned me his waterproof socks when we got rained on. This time I am not taking any chances. I bought 3 pairs of waterproof socks in 2 different brands. With new boots, waterproof spray, treating the leather with mink oil (thank you Nick!), and using my boot covers, surely my feet will stay dry, right?

It occurred to me today that it was about 20 years ago that I met Rob. I had no idea at the time that one day he & his future wife Staci would become amazing friends (at this point they are really more like family) & our very best adventure partners! The 4 of us are already planning adventures way beyond Iceland so the next 20 years should be amazing!

Back to Iceland – We’ll be doing a lot of camping on this trip. Iceland is expensive & since we already own nearly all of the gear we’ll need, it makes since to skip the hotels & use our gear.

Five years ago this week we were wrapping up our epic journey to Alaska. I am still so thankful that we had the opportunity to take that trip. Time is flying by & so many things have changed since then. It is so important to embrace & cherish every single moment. I wake up every day thankful for our family, friends, previous adventures & the ability to plan the next one!

I’ve been looking back over the Alaska (and Ecuador) packing list & the planning notes as a starting point for Iceland. We over-packed, a lot! I am committed to doing better this time!

We’ll be taking our time traveling around the Ring Road. The plan is to spend 14 full days touring the island, plus 2 partial days for arrival & departure. Today feels a little like the first day I started planning for Alaska – I am excited, a little overwhelmed, and I am ready to go! But not really…. I know the trip is going to be amazing & I don’t want to miss out on a single thing while we are on this journey. I can’t wait!!!

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