Day 13: Quito to KC

We woke up early to return our bikes to Freedom. The night had been rough for Rob. He may have gotten a parasite from our time in the river in the Amazon. Thankfully by morning he was ready to attempt to rally & we headed out for our last day!

It was going to be a rainy day again, but we had planned to catch the gondola & do some shopping at the market so off we went!

The gondola ride was cool, but it would have been much better without the cloud cover! I was hoping for a great view of the Avenue of the Volcanoes one last time before we left Ecuador.

Following our ride to the top we grabbed lunch & did a little shopping. I bought a great blanket that is super soft, warm & has gotten a lot of use since we brought it home!

The day had 1 final adventure in store for us as we waited to board the plane. Rob was selected for additional screening so without explanation he followed airport security down the hall & out of sight. He was gone a long time & we were starting to get worried he would not return in time! Thankfully he re-appeared just in time for boarding. Apparently they had questions about Staci’s dry shampoo that was in his bag! LOL! Whew! We boarded our first leg to Atlanta where we sadly parted ways with our best travel friends & returned to KC.

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