The Summer The Uly Spent At The Dealership (and spring and some of fall)

My Uly started having issues around March 2016, with the oil level being inconsistent.  Sometimes the oil was foamy, occasionally it would look normal.  It developed a problem where the oil didn’t always return, and sometimes it wouldn’t even show up on the dip stick.  Other times it would puke & spit out caramel colored foam and act like it was overfilled, or air had been introduced to the system somehow.  After a couple of oil changes, and a little investigation, it wasn’t clear what the problem was.  It was still under warranty, so we took it back to the dealer that sold us this bike and the 1125R.

The dealership had it for the rest of March, all of April, and May.  During that time, they changed the PCV valve, changed the oil, put on a new oil filter, and 4 or 5 times called to tell me it was fixed.  We drove the 86 mile round trip to their shop to find that it still had the same issue.  Each time I checked the oil level before we took it home.  Once it didn’t show up on the dip stick, once I have a video with the tech standing with me when I pulled out the dip stick and caramel colored oil-foam dripped from the dip stick.  On the final trip, I test rode the bike & the oil level was correct, but since the problem it had been inconsistent, I had my doubts that a PCV valve fixed the issue, but we took it home.  We rode the Scenic Byway out to Alma as a test ride before leaving on our trip & the bike was ok during that ride.

Fast forward to the day we left for vacation – there is a whole blog on that day.  I did not enjoy sitting on the side of the highway in 100’F heat with scalding oil all over my boot & pants.  At least at that point we knew how air was getting into the oil system, & why the problem had been intermittent.  Now it could be fixed.

We returned home & took the bike back to the dealer the next day.  At that point it was out of warranty, but they agreed to look into it since it had been in for weeks and they weren’t able to figure out the issue.  I am going to skip all the gory details of our experience, but the summary is that they had the bike from late June until late Oct 2016.  Ultimately they did fix it.  It was a lousy situation though.  They had my bike most of the riding season, someone at the dealership ended up losing their job, and although my bike is fixed, it came back with some wiring not routed correctly which caused several fuses to blow (but I made it home from my ride & Shawn fixed the issue), and it looks like someone jammed a screwdriver into my triple tail so my seat won’t lay down now, it always worked flawlessly.  Both front fork seals were leaking when I got it back too.  I have never had leaking issues with it, but it did sit for months.  They didn’t keep it on a tender, so they also gave us a new battery.  Not our best experience ever.

She is running now & we have been riding this year.

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  1. Robert J. Rivers says:

    I’m sorry if I missed it, but could you please explain what exactly was making the oil foam up on your Uly? I’ve noticed that exact issue when it is very hot on my 09 Ulysses. Also, what was the fix? Thanks for your time. I enjoyed looking over your blog.


    1. H4Adventure says:

      The oil line fitting was stripped and intermittently allowing air into the system.


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