Durango to KC 2016 Final Day of the West Coast Trip

In 2016, this particular ride was day 16 of our West Coast trip.  Today (yesterday since my computer died on the way home) we are driving the same route as we wrap up our 2017 Colorado vacation with friends.  It seems like the perfect day to finish up the blog from last year & add some new stuff to our blog.

Coming home on the bikes last year was really fairly miserable.  It was the final 840 miles of the trip & we set out to do it in one day.  We had already driven nearly 7,000 miles and to this day I have not been back on that Lightning.  I have ridden mine some, but I haven’t been back on Shawn’s.  That was not the ideal bike for a long ride.  I injured my knee a while back & sitting bunched up on that bike for days was painful.  BUT – I made it!  Would have been way better on the Uly though!

The drive out of Durango is really pretty.  The mountains are not as steep and high as some parts of Colorado, but it is much greener & really beautiful.  We crossed over the Continental Divide near Wolf Creek.  So many times we come back through Colorado on I 70 and it was nice to have new scenery.

Thankfully we avoided the rain near Pagosa Springs.  We could see it in the distance and after the rainy days earlier in the trip I wanted to stay dry!  It was a hot day.  Vacationing in the summer usually ensures we will endure a hot long ride through Kansas.  Today was no exception.  When it is in the 90’s the blacktop is super hot!  Cruising down the interstate in riding gear on a hot bike did not make me miss the cold rainy days from earlier in the trip.

The final day went well.  It was a long day, but we made it home safely, without any unplanned stops or issues.  We got home late & unloaded the bikes.  We wanted to get up the next morning & get my Uly back to the dealership so they could fix it.

Headed Home

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