Creating this page I keep humming the Tesla remake of Signs.  In case you didn’t know, Shawn is a huge Tesla fan!

We had a great time taking pics of signs.  These are now some of my favorites!  We started mixing it up a bit as the trip went on so we didn’t always have the standard pose of just standing or sitting in front of the local signs.  Signage is a great way to remember where we were & how we got there.  In addition to the fun pics I’ll share with you, I also took pictures of the informational signs, mile markers and various road signs.  When I look at my pictures in chronological order, I can easily see where we were each day based on city signs, road signs and places we stopped to visit.

The Garmin Virb is awesome for taking pictures.  Shawn had a simple remote on his handlebars that allowed him to record video & take pics at the same time.  It was easy to snap a picture of a glacier sign as we drove by, then the glacier itself so 6 months later we could recall our location.  I love going back & reading the informational signs too, like the ones located at the Yukon River Crossing.  Good stuff!

Some signs are great because the place they represent is wonderful, others are great just because the sign itself is cool.  We also saw hundreds of signs at the Signpost Forest too!

I wish we had taken a pic at each state line as we traveled.  It’s easy to get in a hurry when we are relatively close to home on a nearly 10,000 mile trek, but it would be great if we had a pic of every state’s sign.  The Wyoming pics turned out great!



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