Eat & Sleep

We love good food & a good night of sleep.  After days on the road & eating instant meals from a bag, we looked forward to days where we could eat good food & rest in a great place.  Here were a few of our favorite spots.

Best Eats:

  • Dash BistroStewart, BC (Hyder);  Fabulous food & great service!  Trendy food truck in a far away place.  Love it!
  • Jacks Place, Double G Service; Near Muncho Lake, BC – This place is old school with GREAT food!  Jack worked the restaurant alone.  He grated our potatoes to make fresh hash browns, the cinnamon rolls were home made & huge.  The place has great character & a fun atmosphere.  Super small, maybe 5 tables, but well worth the stop for breakfast!
  • Terry’s Fish and Chips, Seward, AK; Not a fancy place, but a great view of the water & people.  The food was good & not overpriced for the region.  The service was fast & friendly.
  • There is a burger stand just North of the Yukon River crossing that has good food.  We shared a burger because it was crazy expensive.  It was good & the atmosphere was fun.  They also have wifi.
  • Sadly I don’t remember the great Thai restaurant we ate at.  Maybe I’ll come across it in one of my books later.  We had a delish meal somewhere in Alaska.
  • Fast Eddie’s, Tok, AK; We ate here twice.  It was decent food, reasonably priced & they had a salad bar.

Best Campsites:

  • Mountain Shadow Campground, Iskut, BC; Wonderful place!  Super clean, amazing bathroom/shower house, gorgeous view, friendly hosts & very comfortable!
  • Purden Lake, BC;  Great park, peaceful with a beautiful lake.  They don’t have showers, but the lake provided a refreshing swim!
  • Arctic Getaway, Wiseman, AK; The cabins were very clean & comfortable.  Breakfast was good!  We hadn’t planned on staying here, but the rain kept us from camping.  Very nice owners.
  • Red Eagle Lodge, Chistochina, AK; Owners are super friendly.  This camp had the absolute nicest shower & restroom facilities of any place we stayed.  Breakfast in the house was simple, but very affordable.
  • Sourdough Campground, Tok, AK; This place is the only one where we stayed 2 separate times.  Great spot, good breakfast!

Worst Campsite:

  • Dawson City RV Park & Campground, Dawson, YT; This place was HORRIBLE.  Everything was sold out around it because of the music festival & we had not planned on riding this far so we didn’t have reservations.  There wasn’t a camp host in the evening & the place was completely unsupervised.  A dog barked the entire night, we couldn’t take showers because you had to get coins from the host that didn’t exist.  Absolutely miserable!!
Purden Lake, BC
Purden Lake, BC
Mountain Shadow
Sourdough Camp
Red Eagle Lodge
Burger stand just North of the Yukon River Crossing

095 108

Arctic Getaway Breakfast
Arctic Getaway Breakfast
Arctic Getaway
Jack’s homemade bread
Burger Stand Yukon River



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  1. Mark says:

    Another vote for Sourdough here, really nice place, live music, although we didn’t try their famous pancakes in the morning. We came through Tok again on the flip side and stayed at Thompson’s Eagle Claw campground instead. Very cool motorcycle oriented campground, super friendly, $10/each for a cabin, they have a sauna cabin, you can even sleep in an old ambulance.

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