Fairbanks to Coldfoot

Yesterday we crossed the Arctic Circle!  What an amazing ride!   We are so far north,  it has been a really cool experience.  We crossed the huge Yukon river, and thankfully it was sunny & nice while we were there.

The roads were mostly packed dirt and fairly good.  We had to go through lots of loose gravel sections, spots with lots of potholes, but thankfully nothing really slick until we got into Wiseman.  The road through town was 2″ of slimy mud.  I made it most of the way, but finally gave up & walked the last block.  Shawn came back for my bike.  The Dalton Hwy has been pretty good overall though.  Rob & Dave are supposed to meet us here this morning.  We don’t have cell service & they don’t have wifi.  Otherwise we could have arranged to meet them at the road so they could avoid the mud.

We ate lunch outside of Coldfoot at the Hotspot Café.  The food was good!

Tomorrow we are booked at Prudhoe Bay for the Arctic tour.  It’s been windy & sprinkling so hopefully the weather improves (although the forecast has been pretty worthless so who knows).  The plan is to go through the Brooks range this morning & on up to the bay.  We’ll go through the highest pass in AK.

We did get rained on off & on all day, but thankfully not heavy rain.  We are at the Arctic Getaway lodge & although we have wifi, I can’t upload any pics yet. Rob & Dave camped just North of Coldfoot, so they should be coming in here soon to meet up with us.  Hopefully they stayed dry.  The wind was terrible last night & woke us up in the night.  It’s been sprinkling all night & all morning.

We have had sourdough pancakes twice.  This morning they were delish!  Hopefully we arrive safe, warm & dry tonight in Prudhoe Bay.

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  1. Stan says:

    Ride safe and stay dry! It’s great to get your updates

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  2. kate higgins says:

    Your MOM/grandma loves to read this every day. THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME. love you

    Liked by 1 person

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