Hyder, AK to Teslin, YT

Salmon Glacier in Hyder is SO BEAUTIFUL!  Daddy said the ride up there & the glacier was worth the trip up here.  I did drop my bike on the dirt road on the way up the mountain.  Everything was fine except my belt broke.  We had a spare so 20 minutes later we were back on the road.  We ordered a new one & it will be waiting for us in Fairbanks.  We’ve ridden over 3,000 miles so far & we have been running a little ahead of schedule.

We left Hyder after 1 night & rode about 200 miles to a camp site called Mountain Shaddow that was 50 miles south of Dease Lake.  I would definitely recommend staying there.  The bathrooms were so nice – everything was clean & beautiful.  The views were amazing & they let us tent camp in a space that had power.

I’m sure Shawn has pictures of me at 7am on a conference call.  I am sitting in a plastic chair next to a payphone, using their wifi for a call.  It was 34′ F with a gorgeous mountain view!

We are finally ready to hit the road, Shawn had a couple of hours of work to do this morning so we packed up while he worked.  We should roll into Fairbanks tomorrow.  Hampton Inn here we come!

The connection is too slow for more pics, but here is one of us crossing into the Yukon!  Great days!!!!!

Oh – and although we had sprinkles a couple of times, we have still had amazing weather & no real rain.  Sunshine & smiles!  (and mosquitos….)


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