Progress & (Tire) Changes


Shawn’s Uly is nearly ready for the trek.  It has new plugs, wires & new tires are on the way.  Shawn has been tightening bolts, lubricating parts & giving it a thorough check.  My bike is next in line for inspection & tuning.  We’ve ordered the new Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires & even found a good deal on them, saving $60.  I hope they make it the full trip.  It’s a lot of miles for sport bike tires & I am a bit nervous.  I certainly don’t want to end up on a tire like this one again.  Scary!  This tire corded on a trip to Arkansas back in 2012.  I won’t be riding on the Angels to AK for sure!

Rob & Justin have changed their plans slightly & it looks like Justin will turn back after we leave Hyder, AK.  His trip is going to be short, but it should still be a good ride.  So far my last route adjustment is sticking & we haven’t made any additional changes.  AK v5 (that is the title of my spreadsheet for planning this trip).  Total = 9,207 miles, 189 hours of ride time & an average speed of just 48 mph.  We’ll spend just 5 nights in hotels, and we’ll be at one with the great outdoors the other 17 nights.  Perhaps we’ll spend 1 night with friends in Dawson.

Yesterday I told Shawn that we should create cards that have our website on them.  When we talk about our trip & creating the blog, our friends, family & acquaintances ask how they can follow our journey.  I probably should have chosen a website name that was easier to remember, but I feel like it suits us well!

We spent last weekend working on our investment properties.  We have so many things we need to get wrapped up before leaving on vacation.  It’s a bit stressful!

This week while I was traveling in Canada for work, a few more necessities arrived at home via Amazon.  I bought 100% silk sleeping bag liners, and I finally invested in bug repellent.  The stuff that probably causes cancer.  After our adventure last weekend at one of our properties in Paris, I quickly realized that I am not going to cope well with extreme bug issues.  Surely using bug repellent on 1 trip will be okay?  I am taking my organic stuff & will start with it, but I must be prepared for the mosquito invasion.

Just 29 days until we take off!  I still have a quick trip planned to visit Nicki & the kids & that leaves just 2 weekends of prep time!

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