Shopping On Amazon

You can find just about everything on Amazon.  I am still thinking a lot about staying dry so the mink oil is on its way, along with some rain gaiters from Tour Master. 

Shawn is talking about getting a Go Pro so we can have one on each bike.  Thankfully Christian is loaning us his, otherwise Shawn might be shopping for two!  He is also trying to figure out how to easily turn them on & off while riding.  

I found a nifty carbon filter that will fit into our Camel Backs.  We love our RO water at home & drinking yucky tap water on the road is not appealing. 

Alaskan mosquitos are the size of small birds & keeping them off of us & out of our tent is going to be really important.    Adam says they are so thick & so noisy that he wears ear plugs at night so he can sleep.  Wow, that sounds awesome…..

My spread sheet of necessities is growing, along with my wish list for ’optional’ items.  I’m researching food a bit.  I would like to take some dehydrated soups and meals with us, that I can make at home in advance.  But I don’t want to take anything that will be a problem when we cross into Canada. 

I currently have 4 spreadsheets going.  Our route, items we are packing, items we need to purchase, and our budget.  I’ll share them all before too long. 

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