What to Bring?

This trip is definitely going to be an adventure!  We’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos of trips to Alaska.  One guy Rick, created a 7 part series that we watched yesterday.  I got a lot of good ideas of what we will need from his travels.  Better rain gear is top of mind!

We already have a great map of motorcycle roads, an Adventurer book on motorcycling in Alaska, the Milepost book, Frommers AK book, 2 National parks books, Reader’s Digest book on great drives, and a few smaller AK resources that came free in the mail when I subscribed to the Milepost online.  I added the AllStays app to my iPad to help us find campgrounds.  I don’t want to drive 9,000+ miles & then realize we missed something amazing, but to be honest, the planning is a bit overwhelming.

Besides planning the route & travel necessities, we also have to plan what we will wear.  The biggest challenge is deciding what riding jacket I’ll take.  My favorite jacket has a mesh and Cordura exterior, plus liners for warmth & water proofing.  But the mesh isn’t going to be as warm as my touring jacket.  The AST (all season touring) isn’t really all season, it will be super hot as we travel out of the Midwest in July.  It’s also a longer, bulkier, less flexible jacket.  Because our gear has padding in the impact zones, they are too large to pack so I’ll only be able to bring 1 jacket & then I’ll have to plan my layers carefully.  I’ve ruled out 3 of my jackets and I have decided I will bring either the Olympia Airglide 2 or my Buell AST.  My third option is a new one.  I am thinking of the Olympia AST which is a bit more versatile.  I don’t like being hot, I hate being cold & I certainly don’t want to be wet.

I don’t own any waterproof gloves.  This has never really been a concern in the past because the rain has always been warm.  Saturday we got rained on & my gloves were soaked.  It wicked up into my Airglide jacket liner too.  And my boots leaked.  All good things to discover before we head out on this epic journey.

We are also deciding if we should invest in a satellite communicator.  We probably should.  It will cost about $300, but if one of us would have a medical emergency 4 hours from the nearest help & no cell signal, I would be thinking of all the things I wasted $300 on in the past.  I wouldn’t want to be left alone while Shawn went for help & I certainly wouldn’t want to ride off to get help for him, knowing I wouldn’t be back for at least 8 hours.  We can rent them, but it isn’t much of a savings.  I am looking at the Delorme InReach.  As a cool side feature, our family could track us on our route because it sends off a satellite signal every 10 minutes to let them know our location.

I’m ready to order some Mink Oil waterproofing for my boots, and some waterproofing material for our riding pants, tent etc.  I still have a list of other things we will need, but staying dry is my concern right now.  We’ll also need a base for our tent.  The list goes on.  I am enjoying the planning process, but I don’t feel like my to-do list is shrinking at this point.

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  1. Rob says:

    Here is my packing list: Everyone comments on how many tools and it seems like a lot but it all fits in a bag the size of a football, except for the air pump is under my seat and the TQ wrench.. i could take a few tools out but I really wouldn’t be saving much space.. only a little weight. I have all of these things except for the bear mace and a GPS. I am considering not getting a GPS.

    Packing list
    Tool Kit
    1. Tire repair kit
    2. Air pump
    3. Air pressure gauge
    4. Fuses
    5. End snips
    6. Chain Lube
    7. Master link
    8. Extra fuses
    9. Zip ties
    10. Duct tape
    11. Super glue
    12. Quick set JB weld
    13. Multi tool
    14. Needle nose pliers
    15. 2 crescent wrench (5” & 8”)
    16. Oil filter wrench
    17. Large Allen wrench tool for font axle
    18. 3/8” socket wrench, 3” extension, 8” extension, spark plug socket, 17mm, 12mm, 8mm, 9/16 sockets, 6 mm Allen wrench socket
    19. Electrical tape
    20. 10 and 12mm wrenches
    21. 1/4” drive torque wrench and 15/16”, 7/8”, 1 ¼” socket, and 6” extension
    22. Allen wrench set (metric)
    23. Multi bit screw driver
    24. Flexible screwdriver
    25. Precision flat head screwdriver
    26. Slip ring pliers
    27. Chain breaker
    28. Small bottle Windex and towel
    29. Paper disposable funnels
    30. Extra headlight bulb and turn signal bulb.
    31. Lock tight
    32. Extra plastic snaps (the ones that hold the plastic body panels on that break often with removal)
    33. Ink pin & notecards
    34. Extra straps and bungee cords
    35. Owner’s manual

    Camping gear
    1. Sleeping bag
    2. Inflatable pillow
    3. Ground pad (& repair kit)
    4. Light tarp
    5. Tent
    6. Cook set: cooking/eating utensils, cup, stove, fuel cans, dish soap, and hand soap, a few brillo pads
    7. Nalgene bottle
    8. Collapsible wiener/marshmallow roasting stick
    9. Headlamp, flashlight, and extra batteries
    10. Lighter (2)
    11. Head mosquito net and bug spray
    12. 50’ light rope/cord
    13. Collapsible lunchbox cooler
    14. Small trash bags
    15. Extension cord with 3 plugs on female end
    1. Sunglasses and goggles
    2. Rain Gear
    3. Riding jacket, jacket liner, pants, pant liner, boots, summer gloves, winter gloves, and helmet
    4. Heated gear
    5. Sandals
    6. 4 pair underwear, 4 pair socks, 2 pair warm socks
    7. Board shorts
    8. 2 pair pants that convert to shorts
    9. 2 T shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts (no cotton)
    10. 2 sock caps one warmer one lighter weight
    11. Hat
    12. Laundry detergent
    1. Toothbrush and paste
    2. Shampoo
    3. Soap
    4. Towel
    5. Razor and shaving cream
    6. Nail clippers
    7. Deodorant
    8. Toilet paper
    1. Oatmeal
    2. 6 meals of MRE’s or dehydrated food meals
    3. Hot chocolate mix
    Misc. Gear
    1. First Aid kit and eye drops
    2. Camel back
    3. Camera, charger, gorilla pod, extra battery, and extra memory cards.
    4. Go pro, charger, and extra batteries
    5. Maps, notes, and trip plan
    6. GPS
    7. Collet headset and charger
    8. Cell phone and charger
    9. Passport and insurance card to meet Canadian legal requirements
    10. Ear plugs
    11. Ipod and charger
    12. Sunblock
    13. Pills
    14. Ale8
    15. Bear mace
    16. Oil for one change and extra quart of oil.
    17. Spare keys for bike
    18. Extra zip lock bags
    19. Sewing/repair kit
    20. Gallon gas can
    21. Bike cover
    22. $500 cash



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