Day 5: Canoa to Guayaquil

Today’s ride was great!  It was warm & once again we saw a huge variety of landscapes & people on our last day along the coast of Ecuador.

Near Bahia we saw quite a few of the ceibo trees.  These look like upside down trees, with thick trunks and branches that look like roots that reach towards the sky.  We learned that the ancient people believed these trees connected the earth to the spirit world.

We passed through fishing villages, we saw boat making, kite surfing, soccer players on the beach, rice paddies, and a variety of homes, and livestock along the route.  We stopped for coco helado (coconut water) in Jipijapa (hippyhoppa).  Shawn wasn’t a fan, but the rest of us enjoyed the experience!  We watched the lady chop open our coconuts with a machete & then enjoyed a coco helado toast!

In the pics you will see us in a small lane going around a toll booth.  Most of the time we just drove around the toll gate and squeezed through.  Usually motorcycles don’t have to pay, but it seemed weird to drive around the gate!

I am falling in love with the colorful city signs we keep seeing!  I am trying to get pics of each city that we stop in so I can put together a cool summary in a photo book later.

Today we saw a parade.  I am not sure what they were celebrating, but when I saw them coming I first assumed it was another funeral.  It was nice to see smiles & a happy celebration instead!

We rolled into Guayaquil late afternoon.  This is an insanely busy city with beautiful artwork in every roundabout & at every highway exit.  This was our only stop along the way where we stayed at a hotel chain.  Parking was tricky, but once we made it into the hotel, it had all the comforts of a nice hotel in the US!  We had an excellent burger at one of the restaurants on the boardwalk for dinner.  In the morning, breakfast here was amazing.  I have never seen so many choices!  But – we were ready to leave the city & enjoy Ecuador.  We can find this anywhere in the US & we were ready for our next adventure!

Rob & Staci were running low on laundry.  We didn’t ask in Canoa about services until our last day & there wasn’t time.  They ended up spending about $95 to have a few outfits washed here.  Ouch!!!  (we managed to wait to Banos where we had 2 bags full washed, dried & folded for $5.50)

We are one day closer to Banos & then the Amazon!  I am so excited!!

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