Day 3. Banff yes. Enjoyable? Not really.

There isn’t really any denying that today was somewhat miserable.  We didn’t roast, but we did freeze most of the day.  It rained most of the morning.  Once we rode out of the rain, the seemingly 100mph winds started as we trekked across Canada.  It never really warmed up, so most of the day was quite chilly.  At one point I was sure that I would have blisters on my forehead from my helmet movement from the wind.  Shawn spent the better part of the day sneezing & with runny eyes.  Are we having fun yet?

I won’t take this route again.  It may be a bit shorter than going through CO, but the flat prairies, horrific winds & hundreds of miles of flat nothingness are not really all that great.  Been to Saskatchewan.  Checked the box.

We did pass through a cool area where people used rocks to put dates on the hillside.  Sadly I only have 2 of the 50 pictures I felt like I took.  I need to change my settings on the Virb.  The area was beautiful, it looked like graduation valley with multiple years on all the hills.

Things are turning around.  We made a 12 hour ride in just 14 hours, which means we are making much better time.  We gained an hour too, so we are getting back on schedule!  We rode into Banff & headed to the hotel.  The power was out.  Fabulous!  We put our stuff in the dark room, which had a seriously unpleasant odor & headed out to find supper.  Luckily by the time we returned, so had the power.

Besides the odor, the room was alright for the price.  We found a variety of hilarious notes from Staci around the room.  She apparently put one in a bath towel & it found its way to stick on Shawn’s wet leg.  It read “hello you naked person”!  LOL!  She also left a clever note about bed bugs in our bed.  True friend!

We were in bed by 11pm and this should be our first full night of sleep on the road.  Tomorrow we ride horses.  Let the vacation begin!!!



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