Huskys and Razors – Moab 2015

Moab was a brief, but great summer get away in June 2015 with some of our best friends!  You will recognize Rob from our trek to Alaska.  This time his wife Staci joined us, along with Kendall & Alissa.

We spent two short days on the dirt bikes in Moab.  One of the highlights was the ride around the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park.  We also spent a day on local trails close to Moab.  The whole area was beautiful!

We rented Razors for a day and drove through areas like Hell’s Revenge.  A couple of pictures look like we are completely vertical & staring at the sky.  We were!  At one point I was pretty certain we were going over backwards!  Somewhere there is a great video from that experience.  You would enjoy seeing that!  Maybe Shawn can find it for me….

Sadly I didn’t take time to blog this past year, but I am going to do better!  We have spent many days riding the new dirt bikes in the local Kansas off-road parks & I’ll be able to post some highlights from those too as I catch up.  Lots of good times & some very funny non-injury crash videos!

We have a great West Coast trip coming up on the Buells in June where we’ll cover at least 6,000 miles & see lots of cool stuff!  We’re also planning to spend 8 days at the track this summer so I’ll incorporate those into the blog.  We’ll be taking the Buells to Motorsports Park Hastings and Raceway Park of the Midlands for some speedy fun!

This is the beginning of my commitment to blog more regularly!  I’m feeling very grateful as I look back at all of our photos & realize how many places we have been able to see from 2 wheels.  Good friends, good times!

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