Favorite Roads


A year ago we were spending all of our free time planning for Alaska.  We were shopping for gear, planning routes, researching camping spots & getting ready for our biggest adventure ever!  This winter & spring we have spent our free time riding our new dirt bikes.  Our 20th wedding anniversary was in December & we decided that we really didn’t want or need china (traditional gift) and what would really make us happy is another pair of motorcycles!  Now we are officially owners of 2 street legal Husqvarna bikes. All of our toys and projects have kept us busy & having fun, but I want to get back to the blog and finish documenting our Alaska ride.

We’re already planning our next big adventure (Ecuador in 2016) and I want to finish Alaska before I start blogging about our new journey! We rode nearly 10,000 miles on our trip to Alaska.  Every mile and every moment was incredible!  We created a photo book to share our favorite memories & below are our favorite roads:

#1  Riding the Richardson Highway headed North later in the day.  The sun shines on the gorgeous mountains in the distance.  It is a great road, well maintained & the scenery looked like something from a story book.  We rode part of the Glenn Highway earlier in the day & the views were awesome from Palmer all the way up North of Paxson.

#2  Seward to Anchorage at sunset.  The mountains and sunlight were absolutely spectacular!  The road is curvy & full of views of the water, mountains, wildlife & fresh springs.  There is a bit more traffic on this road, but the view is worth it!

#3  Dalton Highway.  I had seen hundreds of pictures from this road, but I never imagined being able to see so many miles of vast rolling hills.  Seeing the pipeline running through the countryside as we rode towards the Arctic Circle was on the top of my list for things to see on this journey and the ride North was one I will always remember.

#4  Ride to Whittier through the tunnel.  This was a very cool experience.  The road was windy with great views of lakes, glaciers & mountains.  It ends with a unique ride through the railway tunnel and you end at Whittier where the water is so blue it looks like it belongs in the Caribbean.

#5  Icefields Parkway.  We absolutely loved the Canadian Rockies.  Although I have been to Colorado dozens of times, there is something different about the Canadian mountains.  They are jagged, rugged, and so beautiful!

#6  Purden Lake to Hyder, AK and up to Salmon Glacier.  The highway curved through the mountains.  There was very little traffic and full of black bears.  The view of the glacier was one of my single favorite moments on the trek.

#7  Whitehorse to Liard Hot Springs had the most wildlife.  We saw countless bears, bison, and other animals.

#8  Top of the World Highway was a unique experience.  You really do feel like you can see forever.  The landscape is wide open with large rolling hills.

#9  Glacier National Park, Going to the Sun Rd.  This was absolutely beautiful & would be #7 on this list if beauty was the only factor in choosing favorite roads.  This one is relatively close to home so we’ll definitely be back to visit!

#10  The Alaskan Highway.  You can’t ride to Alaska with out a great appreciation for this road as a whole.  We rode every mile of it.  Because it is so long, we experienced a huge range of road conditions, scenery & traffic.  It’s worth the ride!

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