Whitehorse to Liard Hot Springs (sort of) and Dawson Creek

The ride from Whitehorse to Liard Hot Springs was another gorgeous one.  We saw tons of bears & bison!  We stopped a bunch of times to take pictures.  I wasn’t able to change my reservation at Liard since we were a day early so we ended up camping in a public area across from the hot springs.  It was free but only had a pit toilet.

We woke up to sprinkles & tons of mosquitos so we packed up fast & headed down the road.  About 45 minutes down the road we stopped at a restaurant called Jack’s near Muncho Lake.  It was a great breakfast!  Jack ran the whole place himself.  He peeled & grated the potatoes by hand for the hashbrowns.  He had huge cinnamon rolls & breads made up & ready.  I loved the little hole in the wall place!

The ride from there to Dawson Creek was pretty during the first 1/2.  We saw bears, caribou, fox, & mountain goats.  We got a little rain late afternoon, but nothing significant.  The ride from Ft. Nelson to Dawson Creek is packed with semi trucks & oil workers.  It was not the best part of the ride.  Tons of congestion & dirt.

This morning we are headed to Eklund’s farm.  I am so excited to see them!

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  1. Stan says:

    I assume you have lots of bug repellant. Some of the really strong ones actually work but you have to spray every where. Shawn, are you missing HUD team chores and Board Duty yet?😎


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