First Update of the Adventure!!

Wow, what a fun & busy few days!  Here is the recap.  We only slept 4 hours before heading out on July 4.  It took us about 12 hours to get to Casper.  We arrived around Midnight.  Rob had been there for hours.  The weather was pretty nice on the way to Casper.  Overcast, so not too hot.  There isn’t a lot to report about our ride through Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska & Wyoming.  We nearly ran out of gas.  There is a 60 mile stretch between Cheyenne & Casper that doesn’t have gas stations.  We stopped at an RV park where the owner sold us gas out of his can for $7.50 a gallon – so we each took 1.  Thankfully we have some dehydrated meals from Adam.  We might have starved to death if we hadn’t have had dried banana chips to snack on since we missed dinner.

We slept 7 hours & rode on to Billings.  We didn’t get there til nearly 2pm so Dad was waiting out front with his bike ready!  We headed on to Glacier National Park.  We arrived at the campground at about 9:30pm.  It was another 10+ hour day of riding.  We stayed at Johnson’s of St. Mary.  It was nice, but the showers took tokens & the office was closed so we didn’t get a shower.  The view was awesome of the lake & it stayed pretty light until after 11pm.  Shawn took a fun shadow picture of us & posted it on his facebook page.

Riding through Glacier on day 3 was beautiful.  Driving to the Sun Rd. was a really pretty route.  From there we headed North up Hwy 93 and rolled into Yoho National Park about 7pm.  Kootenay National park was BEAUTIFUL at the entrance.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of the mountain goats because I thought they were statues….  Yep.  I’m sure I’ll hear about that one for a while!

It was drizzly & cold when we arrived at Kickinghorse in Yoho National Park.  Unfortunately the showers were out of order…. broken pipe.  We camped for just $21 which wasn’t bad for 4 of us.  The campground was really pretty.  The campground didn’t have wifi and we didn’t have power at our campsite for charging our electronics so we ran an extension cord from the back of the shower house near the golf carts to our communicator batteries so they would keep working.

I have taken tons of pictures, but since we haven’t had wifi or electricity I haven’t been able to post.  When we get to Hyder tomorrow we’ll be there for a day & I’ll get caught up.  The bikes are decked out.  We have our Midland camera from Adam on my bike, Rob has Christian’s GoPro on his helmet & Shawn has the Virb on his bike.  I haven’t downloaded any pictures, this is the first time I have had my laptop out.  They will be up in the next 2 days so hang in there!

Today has been the best day so far!  We drove through part of Banff & all the way through Jasper.  It was SO gorgeous.  The Canadian Rockies are amazing!!  We took tons of pictures today.  We even saw our first black bear!  Yesterday we saw a mountain goat too.

Right now we are grabbing a late lunch at the Jasper Brewing Co. in Jasper.  We’ll head on to Purden Lake Provincial Park for tonight.

So far we have had a little rain, but nothing major.  We stood under the Kelty tarp & I was thankful to have it to keep the light rain off of us at camp.

Rob lost the master link from his chain so we are looking for a dealer to get a replacement.  He found one in his tool kit, but it is bent.  It’s hanging in there, but he won’t be able to ride if something happens to this one.  The dealers were closed over the holiday weekend.

Daddy dropped his bike today pulling into a scenic lookout.  His tank bag slid forward & blocked his handlebars from turning.  Luckily he was almost at a stop so he nearly just stepped off the bike.  He has some scratches on his bags, broken blinker & a few bike scratches, but all is well.  Hopefully that was the last of the ‘incidents’ for this trip.

So far I would say this trip is ….. AWESOME!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Diana Higgins says:

    Can’t wait to see pictures! Love you!


  2. Great, waiting for the pictures!


  3. Stan says:

    Great write up Heather! You should consider writing a book about this trip! I’m really enjoying reading your posts. Ride Safe😎


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