Tire Change Without a Tire Changer etc….


Shawn has had some practice in the garage, mounting tires without a tire changer, & he is getting pretty fast!  I hope this is a skill he doesn’t have to practice on our trip to Alaska, but I am happy to have new tires for my ride!  She is ready to go!  Shawn even cleaned her up a bit.  She was terribly grubby!

Today I purchased some wool socks, base layer clothing, a new fleece jacket, waterproof gloves, some additional Jetboil fuel & cooking utensils.  I’ll have to update my budget page.  I have also reserved & paid for camping at about 1/2 the places we will stay on our trek.  I am very afraid of being homeless after a long day of riding & I wanted to make sure we had access to showers, laundry & electricity.  We still have some nights without reservations, but I’ll continue working on that!  Some of the campgrounds were exceptionally friendly & accommodating.  Once we actually visit them, I’ll post a review on the site & the service.

Our Collett Communicator was having issues (we bought it about 8 years ago) so we sent it off to be refurbished.  Today it was returned to us, rebuilt, for about $90 (repair plus shipping), so we’ll have to head out on the bikes & see if it works correctly again.  I hope it is fixed.  It’s nice to be able to talk when we are traveling.  Rob purchased one so he can stay in contact too.  (We found out this week that Justin isn’t going to be able to go – so we are down to the final 4!  Just us, my Dad & Rob).

In the wee hours of the morning, when I was up far too early dreaming of Alaska, my research revealed that we were likely to spend a fair amount of money on National Park Passes & National Monument Passes in Canada.  We already have a Park Pass for the USA thanks to my father-in-law, Scott.  This morning I purchased one for Canada.  It was $67 CDN each.  It will get us into all parks & monuments free for a year.  Plus we won’t have to wait in line to pay to get into the parks.  Park passes were not included on my original budget.  We still have to pay for the Provincial Parks, but they are less expensive.

We are another day closer to our amazing adventure!  I am so thankful!!

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  1. Rocky says:

    When you get to the Glacier, there is large Centre to the right, across the road from The Columbia Ice Fields. In it there are some great displays, and if I remember correctly, the caferteria is on the same floor. I think there is a restaurant upstairs also. If you go over to the Glacier, you can walk up to the base of it. The first time I was there was in 1973, and it has receded a lot since then.

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  2. Rocky says:

    The only fee you will have to pay for in BC Provincial parks is for camping. I am not aware of any BC park that has an admission charge, but things do change. Most BC campgrounds don’t have showers, where as many Canadian National Parks do. I see that you are going from Glacier National Park in the US to Yoho in Canada. If your route is through Eureka MT., I live about 15 minutes off of your route, just outside of Cranbrook. I am working that day, but I might be able to take time off for coffee.
    Also, I see you are going from Yoho to Prince George. I was wondering if you are going through Banff/Jasper or West and North through Kamploops? Banff/Jasper is the much nicer route. There is a nice little cafeteria at the Columbia Ice Fields, but it is not inexpensive, nothing in the Parks is.

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    1. Heather says:

      We will be traveling through Eureka, MT. We are planning to spend some time at Glacier before heading North. That will also be the day we meet up with our friend so I don’t have solid plans yet. It would be fun to meet up with a fellow Buell rider!

      We will be riding through Banff/Jasper to get to Prince George. Do you know the name of the cafeteria? Thanks for the recommendation!


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